Cool Sites for Writers and Readers

Literary Sites and Journalist Blogs:

The MillionsThe Millions – informational literary site with a wide range of topics, including essays, interviews, reviews, and just-plain-fun-stuff.

The Rumpus – another wide-reaching literary site including reviews, comics, and Dan Weiss’s Morning Coffee.

Fiction Writers Review – “an online literary journal by, for, and about emerging writers.” Reviews, essays, interviews, blog. Founding Editor: Anne Stameshkin. (note: In Dec. 2022, the site stopped adding new content)

TNY – the New Yorker book blog: “Criticism, contention, and conversation about books that matter.”

Brain Pickings – “A human-powered discovery engine for interestingness… to bring you things you didn’t know you were interested in until you are.”

Bloom – “A literary site devoted to highlighting, profiling, reviewing, and interviewing authors whose first major work was published when they were age 40 or older.”

5bksFive Books – Writers and experts in various fields recommend their list of five best books on a particular subject, with brief explanations.

Electric Literature – with a mission to “make literature more exciting, relevant, and inclusive.”

Personal Literary Blogs:

I Just Read About That – Librarian Paul Debrasky takes us along as he listens to and reads a fantastically broad array of musical and literary styles, subjects, artists, and points of view.

Perpetual Folly – by Cliff Garstang. Excellent literary blog, including his annual Litmag Rankings (by Pushcart Prizes).

The Mookse and the Gripes – by Trevor Berrett. Reviews of books and some short stories, with forums for The New Yorker fiction and major fiction awards.

Flash Fiction Net – by Randall Brown. Reading and writing advice specific to flash.

Auxiliary Memory – James Harris writes about books, television, and other things he doesn’t want to forget.

Short Story Magic Tricks – posts on short stories old and new “breaking down why fiction is great.”

Workshop Heretic – Jake Weber, my blogging buddy on BASS and Pushcart, looks at other short story collections, books, movies, and life in general.

Tools for Readers:

Shelf Awareness – A site (and twice-weekly free newsletter on request) about books and the book industry, in two flavors: for readers, and for book trade professionals. Includes reviews of new releases in all categories, and articles on everything book-related. Founded by publishing industry veterans John Mutter and Jenn Risko.

Goodreads – Book reviews by individual readers; contribute your opinion, and keep track of what you’ve read.

Tools for Writers:

Duotrope – Encyclopedic site of literary magazine listings, aimed at writers looking for submission requirements. Note: As of 1/1/13, this will be a paid service ($5/mo, $50/yr).

Just For Fun:

Bookshelf Porn – “A photoblog created to allow people to indulge their love of books, libraries, bookstores and bookcases by showcasing the best bookshelf photos from around the world.”

Slush Pile Hell – The slush pile reader doesn’t have an easy life, either, judging by the queries this anonymous literary agent has received. A hilarious diversion, next time you get a rejection letter.

I Write Like – just for fun, a parlor game for writers. Does your writing most resemble Stephen King, John Steinbeck, Herman Melville, H. P. Lovecraft, or one of a dozen or so other famous authors?

The Gender Guesser – another parlor game for writers. Is your writing more male, or female?

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