Addition to “Cool Sites for Writers and Readers” Page

I’ve added another blog to the Cool Sites Page:

I Just Read About That by Paul Debrasky is an extremely diverse blog (which just received a Versatile Blogger award) covering music, literature, and other forms of artistic expression.

Paul is a librarian, and his meticulous indexing tells me he must be very good at it. He covers a wide range of literary styles and subjects, from Roberto Bolano and David Foster Wallace to graphic novels and children’s literature, music from Tom Waits to Radiohead to all manner of recordings from around the world. As well as people, art, television, and just about everything but the kitchen sink (though I wouldn’t be surprised to find a post about kitchen sinks in there somewhere). Versatile isn’t the word for it – encyclopedic is more like it. He’s been at it since 2007, though it seems he kicked into high gear in mid-2009, so there’s an impressive archive. I’ve been running into this blog over and over while researching McSweeney’s and New Yorker stories from the prize anthologies; I thought I’d added it to my list long ago, but it seems not (I think I had it confused with “I Read A Short Story Today.”)

He recently posted he wasn’t sure what he’d be reading and I made a jumble of suggestions, which, to my surprise and delight, he acted on. It’s so nice to say, “Hey, you’ve got to read this” and have someone else say, “Ok, here’s what I thought.” He also has a fondness for Project Runway (even though, like me, he has no interest in fashion – we just like to watch people create) and admits to fast-forwarding through ANTM (which I, too, find far less enjoyable since Tyra decided she was going to be Oprah II). His wife Sarah blogs as well, and I’m just beginning to look at what’s there – books, photography, food (maybe a potential Top Chef convert?), and creative use of fabrics.

If you like music, reading, or pretty much anything, take a look.

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