Additions to Pages

Time to update the pages again.

New on Cool Sites for Writers and Readers:, edited by Lauren Roberts. This monthly all-things-book emag includes a variety of departments. Some of my favorite recent columns:

The Personality of Books by Gilian Polack: more about fonts (and you know how much I love fonts);
Found in Translation? by Lev Raphael: one author’s experience of translation;
Bedtime Stories: The Little Books of Cesar Aira by Nicki Leone: a reader’s experience
The More Things Change by Katherine Hauswirth: reconsidering Jane Austen’s Emma;
Papyrus Trail by my long-time Zoetrope Virtual Studios buddy Elizabeth Creith: a humorous look at how it might have been.

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For some reason I’ve never included The Rumpus on this page, which is strange since I live for Dan Weiss’s Morning Coffee. But Sugar’s hit the big time, and I’m correcting my oversight now.

I’ve also decided to add The New Yorker Page-Turner blog (which used to be either Book Bench or This Week In Books, I never really understood it) because, even though I hate the name, I finally subscribed to it and it’s worth it.

New on Online Fiction etc. To Read and Love:

Updating this page was more problematic – in a pleasant way. I decided a long time ago that I would only list an author once; otherwise it would turn into a catalog of individual writers, rather than a sampler. My problem? I have two wonderful stories by Jonathan Safran Foer (discovered through Paul Debrasky’s terrific blog I Just Read About That). And I have six – SIX – stories to choose from by Paul Griner, whose “Open Season” captivated me a few months ago.

So, decisions decisions: I will list them all here, and only include two on the permanent page. It’s quite possible I’ll swap them around at some point.

Neither of the Foer pieces are traditional narratives, but they both are wonderful:

A Primer for the Punctuation of Heart Disease: This is the one that will go on the page. Because it requires unusual typographic characters that apparently didn’t make it through various online versions and archiving, letters were substituted for snowflakes, silences, and a few other things. I recommend also checking it out in its Googlebooks form of the story in Best American Non-Required Reading which shows the intended typography. Either way, it’s a magnificent story with broad reach.
About the Typefaces Not Used in This Edition appeared in the UK Guardian in 2002, right after he won their First Book Award for Everything is Illuminated.

The Paul Griner stories range from very short flashes to full-length short stories; in roughly that order:

I Place Myself Unreservedly At Your Service from Dogzplot, September 2010. I think this observation of how we really regard illegal immigration will go on the page.
The Hand I Clasp Is Made of Dreams – elimae October 2010.
Sixty Three Heads – Pindeldyboz, July 6, 2008
Balloon Rides, Ten Dollars – Juked, July 2008.
Newbie Was Here – Fall 2009 Narrative (login is required, but registration is free and painless. And worth it).
Northwood – Zoetrope All-Story, Summer1999.

And I’m adding a flash from the April 30, 2012 Smokelong as well:

Dedication by Stephen Graham Jones.

Something for everyone in that list – enjoy!

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