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About Karen Carlson

Yes, I know, here’s where I should put a summary of myself – lives, works, loves, does, goes, has – but I’d rather not. I’ve always thought it was absurd that such familiarity could be had with a single click, and equally absurd that one could define oneself on a single page. If you want to know more about me (and nothing would make me happier), you’ll have to work for it: read my posts.

If you’re wondering just what qualifies me to comment on literature, politics, television, art, and whatever else you come across in these pages – nothing whatsoever. A decades-old BA in English cobbled together from ten years of night classes and a couple of years at the third-rate commuter campus of a state university doesn’t hold up well to scrutiny. Nor does a singularly undistinguished crazy-quilt of less-than-intriguing jobs. Nevertheless, I claim the right as an Interested Participant to render my opinions in electrons on a regular basis.

[addendum, a decade later] I really need to update some of these pages.

I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do when I put up this page. I’m a little clearer on it now: I want to remember. I write about books, short fiction, and moocs, and occasionally other things, in order to process, to get closure. I don’t write for followers; nobody follows blogs any more, do they? So I’m writing for myself. I don’t call these posts reviews; I don’t know how to review. They’re reactions. They’re how I figure things out.
During the school year, I get visits from what I assume are students who are reading the stories or books in class. I sort of feel sorry for them. I hope they realize I’m just making things up as I go along.

About Zin Kenter

Hello I am Zin!

3 responses to “Random Miscellany

      • Okay, then…using your words, I aspire to “just really boring.” In fact, I wish I had thought to frame my “about” page the way you did. It’s written like a taste of elegant (eloquent) Tabasco!

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