New Addition To Cool Sites for Writers and Readers Page

For now, one new addition to Cool Sites for Writers and Readers:

Fiction Writer’s Review: “an online literary journal by, for, and about emerging writers.” Reviews, essays, interviews, blog. A wonderful site. The Founding Editor is Anne Stameshkin; the Editor is Jeremiah Chamberlin, and the Managing Editor is Lee Thomas. There’s a long list of other editors and contributors.

Recent reviews:
You Know When The Men Are Gone by Siobhan Fallon by Beth Garland
Dzanc Duo: Aaron Burch and Matt Bell by V. Jo Hsu
Binocular Vision by Edith Pearlman by Andrea Nolan
A Young Man’s Guide To Late Capitalism by Peter Mountford by Tyler McMahon

Recent essays:
Looking Backward: Third-Generation Fiction Writers and the Holocaust by Erika Dreifus.
In Other Words (the bilingual writer) by Giota Tachtara.
Four Days In Galle (the Galle Literary Festival in Sri Lanka) by Preeta Samarasan
An Education in Book Reviews by Stacey D’erasmo.
Owl Criticism by Charles Baxter.
Where Are We Going Next? A Conversation About Creative Writing Pedagogy by Cathy Day, Anna Leahy & Stephanie Vanderslice

Recent interviews:
On Mystery and Drafting: An Interview with Robert Boswell by Michael Hinken
Woman to Woman: An Interview with Mary Gaitskill by Emily McLaughlin
A Finely Focused Lens: An Interview with Josh Weil by Mary Westbrook
A Parisian Reliquary: An Interview with Elena Mauli Shapiro by Steven Wingate

Because this is such an extraordinary site and I’ve included so much information, it needs its own post. I’ll be adding a few more sites in the next few days.

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