Sunday with Zin: More New Stuff for Readers and Writers

The Man of Letters or Pierrot's Alphabet (1794)

The Man of Letters or Pierrot’s Alphabet (1794)

New listings on the Cool Sites for Writers and Readers page:

Give a Hand to Wild Life

Brain Pickings: “A human-powered discovery engine for interestingness, culling and curating cross-disciplinary curiosity-quenchers, and separating the signal from the noise to bring you things you didn’t know you were interested in until you are.” They review books, collections, and have interviews about literature, art, design, all sorts of things! All the art in this post comes from materials (books, magazines, collections, exhibits) they have featured just in the past month! It is curated by Maria Popova. I discovered this site when I did the List of Lists of Rules for Writers post!

Bloom: “A literary site devoted to highlighting, profiling, reviewing, and interviewing authors whose first major work was published when they were age 40 or older…. If someone is labeled a ‘late bloomer,’ the question Bloom poses is, ‘Late’ according to whom?” Sonya Chung, founding editor. Since we are old farts around here we like this!

The Tiny Book of Tiny Stories

The Tiny Book of Tiny Stories

Summerbooks: a monthly literary podcast by Natalie Sypolt and Renee Nicholson. They did an episode about What the Zhang Boys Know! They are new this year!

Electric Literature’s Recommended Reading: “One story a week, each chosen by today’s best authors or editors.
Recommended Reading is released on a four week curation cycle: beginning with a story chosen by Electric Literature, followed by an excerpt from an indie press, then an author recommendation, and finally a selection from a magazine’s archive. Each issue includes an editor’s note written by that week’s partner, introducing you to the work and their mission.” Halimah Marcus and Benjamin Samuel, Editors; Andy Hunter, Publisher. It is free! And the stories are good!


And an announcement that is upsetting me:

Duotrope is going paid! I am very sad and kind of angry! Now, Duotrope is a very good service and I can imagine it takes time and effort to run and I do not blame the Duotropers for wanting to earn something for their trouble, and it is easily worth the fee, especially to new writers who need help figuring out where to look and those who submit a lot (we have contributed over the years, we even contributed after we stopped submitting work! Because we still used it occasionally to see what the stats for a market were like). The new fee will be $5 a month or $50 a year, and that is reasonable, but it will knock some people out of Duotrope, and that is sad! By the way if you have been using the submissions tracker you must export it before Jan.1 or you will lose access to it unless you pay the fee! We are debating whether to leave the listing with a note that it is now a paid service, or take it down since all the other links on the Cool Sites page are free! I suppose this was inevitable but I am sad this day is here!

4 responses to “Sunday with Zin: More New Stuff for Readers and Writers

    • Hello veryphil I am Zin! Yes I agree Duotrope is wonderful! The fee seems a little high but I do not think it is outragerous! But some people will not be able to pay and I am sad about that! And those are the people who would be submitting to more accessible journals not listed on The Review Review. We will see if this has any effects. So many people are upset because Duotrope is so useful, so it is obviously a good thing and they deserve to get paid, they have spent years working for free and getting all the kinks worked out before going paid which is the way to do it! Then you have to realize those of us who paid when we did not have to are a little miffed that we do not get any credit, but that is a whole other thing! Still it does not take away from the goodness of Duotrope!

  1. Hey Zin, lovely site, I like the style, your personal sense of style is fine! Mine’s not too bad. My buddy Anton’s is excellent. Yes, personal style tells us a lot about what’s within and without. It’s our hint to bigger things. See you on Zoe! Best, Jefferson.

    • Hello Jefferson I am Zin, thank you! I am so happy to discover that I have a personal sense of style! I have never been sure what that is, but people I like are often said to have one, so I am glad I now have one too!

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