New Entries to “Cool Sites for Writers and Readers”

[Zin Kenter] Hello, I am Zin! I have added three new entries to my “Cool Sites for Writers and Readers” page! I learned about all three on Zoetrope, the online writing workshop I have been using for the past year.

First is “Over the Transom” which is a blog of tips about submitting work to publishers (stories to journals, novel manuscripts to publishers). It just started last week so there are only a few posts. If you are a writer, especially if you are new to submitting for publication, this is a funny, entertaining place! So far I have not read anything that is astonishing, but these are things I would not have known about if I did not hang out on Zoetrope where people talk about these things a lot. The person who told me about this site says it is from the editor of Camera Obscura (which is a pretty good journal, relatively new, they have published some very good stories), but there is nothing on the site that says so, and nothing on the Camera Obscura site that says so either, so I am not sure. But it is nice anyway.

Second is the site TJ Forester keeps. TJ is a writer on Zoetrope, he has a book just out called Miracles, Inc. which is about a televangelist now on Death Row looking back at how he got there. Now, I do not know TJ very well, but he seems like a very nice guy. And he is going to hike the Appalachian Trail starting in a few days, from Georgia to New York, and blog about it! I think that is very cool! But the very coolest thing is that he is going to hike all the way to New York and get on the Stephen Colbert show! I am not sure how he thinks this will work, and he does not seem sure, but he is going to try and he would like some company on his walk, so follow his blog and see how he does! I think this is sort of like getting Betty White on Saturday Night Live, except TJ is not famous, he is just a guy and it is such a cool idea that I want to support him any way I can! And all he has asked for – not money, not even to buy his book (though I am sure he would love that and it is on my list) is for people from Zoetrope to link to his blog, so I can do that for him!

Several weeks ago I added a site, “The Coward’s Journey” and I forgot to post the addition here so I will tell you about it now. It is by Vanessa Gebbie, a British author (she is also on Zoetrope where I heard about this) and she is tracing the publication of her book, The Coward’s Tale from acceptance by Bloomsbury to release. She has so far talked about the contract, editing, and the creation of the cover, and it is very interesting to watch this process, which I will probably never see first hand!

Thank you!

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