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Donna Downey's Inspiration Wednesday

Donna Downey’s Inspiration Wednesday

Inspired by my discovery of a new literary blog, I’ve decided to update our pages again. This was on the schedule for Sunday with Zin (since Zin is more creative about these posts) but something else came up – something we’re both very excited about – so I’ll just present the information, leaving Sunday for… well, you’ll see.

Two great flashes have been added to the Online Fiction Sampler page:

Your Hindenburg” by Gabrielle Hovendon, from Smokelong #39: a woman goes looking for destruction and finds more destruction than she ever dreamed was possible. The last sentence drifted over me for days, slowly sinking in.

Things I Wish You Heard” by Patricia McNair, from the Press 53 53-word Story contest, December 13 – 18, 2012.

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