Writing – as in actual writing, yes, writing!

Aha, I actually did some writing this morning! Writing writing, 1200 word on Mourning Mom, except… well, then I went exploring the files and found I’d already written that scene, much better, too. Only a month ago. I have to decide if it’s New England or the Dustbowl. and I have to figure out how he logically gets in her car. I like the batteries (New England) and I like the window washing(dust bowl) too. I think the window washing is more realistic, I don’t think anyone really tests batteries any more, it was a thing when I was a kid.  I guess I don’t have a clear idea what this is, but the setting doesn’t really matter, I haave to figure out how to get him into that car, maybe make him meet her at the IHOP later, apologize, figure out who she is and what she wants. Oh, I forgot he has to see what’s in the back of her car. I’d better do that now.

And having just done the exercise on handling problems of time and space (I don’t understand what that has to do with it, it was more about what to summarize and what to show in scenes, but ok) I’m thinking I should try going from text outline to story, like I did back when I started the New England version.

I wrote the other day, too, about 600 words on my Cook story. So maybe I’m getting through it. That would be nice.

Just because I noticed…

…I’m getting a lot more writing done now that The West Wing isn’t on. It was always this magnet that drew me for 2 hours in the morning (well, not always, but when they were running it between 8 and 10) and now I get all my morning stuff done then and I start working, which is kind of cool. I do miss it, though.