Sunday with Zin: A Capella Series 2012, Part 4 – Comfort Music

Hello I am Zin. I hope this music offers some small comfort for this bleak midwinter weekend. I am not religious, but I find hymns still touch me in some way. A Capella: “Psalm (Dedicated to my Mother)” – Adapted/written, composed, performed, overdubbed, and produced by Bobby McFerrin. Christmas: This is not A Capella but […]

The Sing Off Christmas

Hello, I am Zin! I was not going to blog this episode since it is not competition but a Christmas special, but I thought, oh, why not, I love this so much and it is almost over! Groups and individuals from all three seasons perform! As an opening group number, Pentatonix, Committed, and Nota, the […]

BASS 2017: T. C Boyle, “Are We Not Men” from The New Yorker, 11/7/16

The dog was the color of a maraschino cherry, and what it had in its jaws I couldn’t quite make out at first, not until it parked itself under the hydrangeas and began throttling the thing. This little episode would have played itself out without my even noticing, except that I’d gone to the stove […]