This unscheduled interruption was brought to you by…

… the electroconductive properties of sodium in the body, a system so finely tuned that even a small depletion brings on a state of confusion in which the smallest problem seems like an insurmountable obstacle; the pneumococcus family of pathogens; and a special appearance by my right iliopsoas muscle who, feeling unappreciated and unrecognized, finally decided to get some attention after having guided every single step for over 60 years.

In other words, I’ve been sick. Even got myself admitted to the hospital for a couple of days. Nothing serious, but a confluence of events that kept snowballing until someone who knew what they were doing – and had some nice IV antibiotics in stock – took over.

I’m still recovering, various parts trying to remember what normal function is like. I still have a lot of follow-up appointments coming up this week (including one of those things that sounds incredibly scary yet nearly always turns out to be a lot of drama over nothing), so I probably won’t have a lot of energy to devote to blogging for a week or two.

I haven’t taken a scheduled break for a while now, so I guess an unscheduled one will do.


5 responses to “This unscheduled interruption was brought to you by…

  1. Thank you for the update! Last I heard, you had pneumonia, and then no post for over a week. I was just starting to worry, and now I know I don’t have to. I hope your recovery goes well and we see you back here before long. Take care of yourself!

  2. You are missed. (I may have refreshed my inbox more than once to see if I’d just missed one of your posts . . . ) All best wishes for a full & speedy recovery. I hope you’re able to read whilst on your “break.”

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