Be back soon…

I’m trying to keep up with too much coursework on the MOOCs I’m taking to pay proper attention to the Pushcart winners, so I’m going to put that project on hold for a few weeks until things settle down.

2 responses to “Be back soon…

  1. I was wondering about the Pushcart project. I look forward to joining in again when you are back doing it again. I won’t read forward in it, just wait.

    I’m busy with my 2nd MOOC, the Emergence of the Modern Middle East, Tel Aviv Uni. History and I did not mix at school! People killing each other for no reason.

    I like the idea of Linguistics very much, but I know I can find out about it later on by coming back to your blog.

    • Hi Sarah – yeah, I bit off more than I could chew with all these classes at once. Every time one ends, another starts! Some days my butt hurts from sitting at my computer so long – I’ve learned to remind myself to take a “pace-around” break every once in a while.

      The Corpus Linguistics class was wonderful as you can probably tell – I just finished a Cognitive Poetics class (CogPo, if you can believe it) which I’ll be posting about if I can find the time somewhere… and I’ll be back to Pushcart by the end of April, I hope. 😉

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