Annual Reading of the Pushcart Starts in January

Is Pushcart XXXVII (2013) on your Christmas list this year? I picked mine up on Friday. We’ll start reading (and blogging) all the fiction and poetry, and at least some of the essays, over the course of about six months, beginning in January. I’m particularly excited about this year’s anthology because… well, you’ll find out. 😉

This is my third year reading the Pushcart anthology straight through. In 2011, I only blogged the fiction; I confess, I barely read the essays and poetry. Last year, I included all the poetry in a single post (with some trepidation, since I know even less about poetry than I do about fiction) and referred to a couple of essays in my wrap-up post. This year, I hope to do more with the essays, but I’m not sure how I’ll go about that. Probably a single post, like the poetry, but if something strikes me as particularly discussible, I might single it out. I’ve never known how to approach essays, for some reason. Maybe it’s time I tackled that challenge.

Everyone’s welcome to join in – point out what I missed, stand up for your favorite selection, or just read along when something looks good.


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