Sunday with Zin: Fifty Shades of East Millinocket

Hello I am Zin! I have learned so much about paper in the past few months!

First there was Richard Russo talking about his new book Interventions being printed in Maine on sustainable paper. Then it was Monica Wood and her memoir about growing up in a paper mill town, and her short story collection set in a paper mill town. And now, it is Fifty Shades of Grey which is printed on Maine paper!

When Random House ordered 3,000 tons of Baxter Brite Grade paper for the books, the Great Northern Paper mill in East Millinocket had to open more machines and hire more workers to fill it! And they might open the defunct mill in neighboring Millinocket to make the wood pellets that supply the paper mill to supply the 110,000 tons needed to print the European editions!

In the video from the recent Rock Center story (the appearance of the story on a national newsmagazine show is itself covered by the Bangor Daily News), they encourage people to buy the book, not the e-book versions! Like papermill engineer David Jamo, who has not read the book (I have not either) says: “There’s nothing like the feel of a book in your hands.” E.L. James might be able to think of a few things.

I am very happy for the workers in East Millinocket and I hope their prosperity continues and they enjoy the fruits of their labors for a very long time! But can I admit there is also something very sad about this! It is like the beautiful 2011 Holiday Message (picture above) from mill owners/financers Cate Street Capital (“To our new friends and neighbors in Millinocket and East Millinocket”). Those majestic snow-covered pristine pine trees might be captioned: “Now cut these suckers down and turn ’em into mommy porn!”

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