Sunday with Zin: The Artists of the Chestnut Street Lofts

Archival Pigment Print by Robert Moran from his series “Relics”

Hello I am Zin and today we are back at the library!

This month, the exhibit at the Lewis Gallery is “Inspired by Place: Artists of the Chestnut Street Lofts”! The Chestnut Street Lofts is a recently-constructed condo, and I am not really sure why six artists live there! Coincidence, I guess? I am also not sure why they get their own art exhibit, except maybe because it is located around the corner from the library!

My favorite art was by Clyde McCulley. He was at the show and I was lucky enough to talk with him! He produces “dye-infused metal prints.”

Now that does not sound very artistic, but in person the pictures have a unique finish that is both matte and glossy and seems to have some depth as well! But he does not just send his photos to be printed, no! It is a whole process! First he takes digital photographs of a scene that interests him. He pays special attention to light! Then he manipulates the image using three kinds of software, including Photoshop, to brighten the colors and also make it look more like a painting (he was a trained painter) then sends it to be put on metal. The effect for me was warm and very pleasant! From a distance the finished products look like photographs, but up close, when you can see brush strokes, like paintings!

I also very much liked the “Relics series by Robert Moran! They are also digitally manipulated archival pigment photographs! This sounds like gobbledygook but it is quite interesting because medium and method work together! Archival pigments allow the finished print to last longer than regular prints, and his photographs are of old items (a very old medical bag, a 50s radio, an old television set), and he is also using digital manipulation, so old and new are entwined! I like that! The pictures are very simple but striking and interesting to look at for a long time!

Leslie Anderson had pretty landscapes on exhibit, but what interested me about her was her website! She offers “Paint Your View!” In the summer she will come to your house (if you live near her) and paint your view! That is a pretty cool idea!

Savin Mazzotti is interesting because he is just a kid! He is a high school senior! But he is very serious about photography, and his photos were from a trip he took to the Dominican Republic with a volunteer group! He too was at the show, and was very nice though he did not say much. He is the only one who does regular film photography! The youngster in the group is using the oldest technology!

It is a nice exhibit, if not a groundbreaking one! I understand next they have an Edward Gorey exhibit coming in, and that will be fun too!

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