Sunday with Zin: The Sing-Off China



Hello I am Zin, and I was going to talk about something else today, but I got so excited when I saw on TWoP that China is doing their first season of The Sing-Off, I just had to post about it right away!

The American version was canceled (and I am still very sad about that), but it seems the Chinese love a cappella! Actually, it is a “totally new thing” for them, according to this casting video posted by Inside A Cappella on YouTube! And as Kromm said on TWoP – “Holy No International Copyright Batman” – Entire episodes are on YouTube! So even if the Sing-Off is not profitable enough for American audiences, serious diehards and get a fix – even though it will be mostly in Chinese!

What is really hilarious about the episodes is that even though they are in Chinese, they are so similar to the American version! The same excessive blather between performances by the unrelentingly smooth host! The same excessive reactions of the judges! The same cheesy performances! It is perfect!

You can just search YouTube for “The Sing-off China” and find dozens of videos (no I have not seen them all, but I will keep looking), but here are some of my favorites so far:

TV Promo in an Inside A Cappella story – 1.5 min.; it starts off slow, like all these random people are singing, then turns into a really good anthem; the commentary is in English, but most of the song is in Chinese, except for the last line.

MICappella (apparently the leading contender; they are from Singapore) singing a Chinese pop song! At least I think it is Chinese, how would I know? They are really good! They do not sound like this is totally new to them!

Freemen singing “Creep” by Radiohead (my personal anthem!) In English with some very interesting staging! They give it a very different twist: instead of an outcast bemoaning his fate, it is the story of a man meeting his soul in a dream! That is quite special! The judges look like they are going to cry! This is really great! They will never replace the Street Corner Symphony version, but it is very impressive!

And then, because no Sing-Off post is complete without them, I am including my beloved Pentatonix doing “We Are Young” on the Chinese show. It is not my favorite song that they do (that would be “Dog Days Are Over“) but I am very happy to see they were invited to be on the show in China!

And I am so happy that the Chinese have embraced a cappella! Maybe if it is successful, we will get our American version back! There is even a bridge to help that happen: the University of Pennsylvania has a Chinese a capella group, PennYo, which does Chinese pop songs! So anything is possible!

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