A New Look – and some time off

If you’re a frequent visitor here, you may notice things look different. Very different. Allow me to explain.

I got a new computer.

This is a good thing. I bought my former computer in 2004, so I was due.

Thing is, everything looks different on a laptop. Sharper. Brighter. This is also a good thing. Most of the time.

But… where I once saw my blog as a slightly smoky mint green fading across the screen, all of a sudden I was assaulted by glaring white and that annoying shade of blue-purple known in catalogs of cheap polyester clothes as “periwinkle.”

I was deeply ashamed. This was the face I was showing to most of the world?

So while I set up my new computer (turns out the “free” WiFi offered by my landlord is a joke for a computer; seriously, it was worse than dial-up at least 75% of the time. And I know about dial-up; I just moved into the 20th century with a cable connection a year ago) and panicked because my printer, bought 2 years ago, claimed it didn’t know nothin’ ‘bout Windows 7 (easily fixed by the correct driver and a USB cable, but still), I also played around with different themes.

Nothing’s perfect, of course, but I’m a lot happier with this (“Piano Black”) than I was with the prior theme. I’ll probably do some additional tinkering with backgrounds and such, but this should do for a while. I did some housekeeping, like converting rarely-used categories to tags, and taking the Pages off the sidebar, since they’re now displayed across the top of the screen. I’ve still neglected the Quotes and Random Miscellany pages, but I can’t bear to delete them quite yet.

I’ve also moved the fiction Zin and I have published to the Online Fiction Sampler page, as we’re both coming to terms with the fact that we’re just not fiction writers. Not good ones, anyway. I’m toying with the idea of including some of our orphan stories, mostly Zin’s, if I can figure out a way to do so unobtrusively. Get them off the hard drive and let them go outside a little bit, albeit in a safely fenced-in yard where they won’t create any trouble.

I’m still getting used to a new keyboard; it’s playing havoc with my typing, especially note-taking for tv recaps, and it’s slowing me down considerably. I’ve always been a fast typist, but the combination of tendonitis in my thumbs (not related to computer use) and numbness in my hands (ditto) and now a change in keyboard feel has me discombobulated. I may have to bite the bullet and get a supplementary keyboard. By the time I finish plugging stuff in to the laptop, it’s going to be a desktop. The touchpad isn’t as bad as I remember from when I occasionally used my boss’s laptop back in the old days; either they’ve improved, or I have. And I love the 2010 version of Word; I was using a bootleg 2000 disc.

Mostly I’m recording this for purposes of retrospection at some future point. I’m not someone who enjoys change; I need to remind myself that I regularly do deal reasonably successfully with change. So right now I’m still somewhere between upset and nervous. But I’ll get over it. I always do. I just have to remember that.

I do need a break. I’ve exhausted my backlog and haven’t done all that much reading or notating over the past week, so I need to catch up. Zin will be here tomorrow, and I’ll do TC and PR next week, and the following week I’ll be back with more literary posts.

4 responses to “A New Look – and some time off

  1. Phew! I was about to get very upset, thinking you were’t going to do your PR post. I look forward to that every week. I had to come over to your blog, since Iusually read this on Google Reader. Nice look.

    Haha! My friends are always threatening to nominate me for WNTW. I would NEVER let them throw out my clothes, and could never spend that much money on clothes either.

    I was so surprised how nice Gunnar turned out to be! And I did love to see his girl working the runway.

    I didn’t think that Nathan should have lost. I guess they couldn’t get rid of Ven, but based just on this episode, I think he was the biggest loser.

    At least now I too won’t have to keep trying to keep Nathan and Fabio straight.

    I was quite disappointed to hear that you have come to the conclusion that Zin and Karen are not fiction writers. That is not the same conclusion I would have come to.
    At all. Boo.

    • I’m so glad to hear someone else can’t tell the difference between Nathan and Fabio. I keep thinking they’ve been ignoring Nathan, giving him no air time, but maybe it’s that I’ve attributed all his airtime to Fabio.

      I keep forgetting that subscribers, who are the only people likely to see this kind of post, typically read posts via Reader or email – in this case that’s good, since the less seen of the old layout, the better. 😉

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