Food Network Star 2012: Episode 11 – Finale

Hello I am Zin! And it is official: Justin Warner is The Next Food Network Star! His new show, produced by Alton Brown, will start in the fall! [Addendum: For those of you who are searching for the start date – as of September 10, I do not know when his show will be starting or what it will be called or anything else about it, and I can find no info about it, but do not despair: fall lasts until December 21, technically!][Update to addendum: from what he says in this 10/13/12 interview, it sounds like he is being a bit of a diva with FN, being fussy about time slots! I wonder if maybe he is happy with the publicity his restaurant has received and does not in much of a hurry to put together his show!]

Pause for update:

Hello I am Zin and this will be my last update about the new Justin Warner show because I no longer care!

It seems Justin is shooting his show now in January 2013 and it is some kind of travel show looking at his Twitter stream starting in the Southeast but Alton is not the producer! If you can believe Twitter! If Justin M. Warner @EatFellowHumans is the right Justin Warner and if that really is Alton Brown and these are not decoys to keep people interested! I would not put that past them at this point if things have gone seriously wrong! You can check his twitter account if you want more details because I am done with this!

Back to original post about the finale:

The rest of the show was the usual nonsense. But there were some interesting comments.

Like for instance, a segment on the Oddest Couple, Justin and Martie, including tape of him saying, “We are like peas and carrots – she is a legume, I am a tuber.” I do like that sense of humor! Botanically speaking, a carrot is a root and not a tuber, but that is about the same as saying eggplant is a berry; yes, it is, but it is silly to be that picky about it!

There is also great tape of Alton saying “I think there should be a Giada DiLaurentiis See & Say where you pull the string and it says, “RRRrrrrrrrrricottta!” Then he picks her up and Bobby says, “Now we know you can lift 70 pounds!”

There is also something strange: they show a talking head clip (one I do not think they showed before) of Justin all weepy saying “It is not fair that Martie did not get to do a pilot” – but… but… they announced Justin would do a pilot, and then while he was still giving Martie her condolence hug, they said Martie would do a pilot too! What is this they are trying to pull? There was a cutaway to another camera, but it sure looked like a continuous shot and Justin would not have had time to go off and say that! So did they tape reactions to all possible outcomes before or after the fact? That is very sleazy! And stupid, for that matter, to show it! Or am I misinterpreting something? Did he actually say “It is fair?” I do not know!

It seems the contestants as a group really did not like Emily! They really were mean! “She woke us up early in the morning with a sing-song high voice! She could not cook!” That is the first time anyone has said that, her problem was never cooking, have Susie and Bob been lying to us? Then the Nerds (Team Alton is proud of that label) accused Team Bobby of being “bully-ish”! And stuck-up, they would not talk to them!

The Network sent questionnaires to the contestants, and they named Nikki the most competitive, and Malcolm most cocky! By a landslide! That is surprising, and Malcolm thinks it is surprising too! And speaking of Malcolm, Susie again tried to convince him that he needs a POV, and he pretty much told her to shove it! Yay Malcolm!

During the usual silly stuff about the whole series, they were talking about the evils of the Pitch Room (no one mentioned the Vagina Table though they showed it a few times just to remember it) and Bob Tuschman said, “The pitch room saved more of you than cut you.” I think it is wonderful the network employs someone who is so logic-impaired!

I also came across something posted on TWoP that turned out to be very interesting: a link to a blog entry by a woman who was one of the bus passengers on Episode 2! She was very surprised that Team Giada was declared the winner (she did not know the results until the show aired) since she thought the food from Team Bobby was far better! Of course there is room for disagreement, but I think the team wins and losses were pre-planned and the comments from the judges were adjusted accordingly! She hated the meatloaf Emily made too, by the way!

Of course I think they knew who they wanted to win in the beginning and made sure that is what happened, but I also think his is the only show I might actually watch! I will try to remember in the Fall and post about it a little bit!

That is all!

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