Sunday with Zin: Fun With Search Terms!

Hello, I am Zin, and it is Sunday again!

One of the fun things about a blog is looking at the stats page! And the best part is seeing the kinds of search terms that lead to your blog!

Just recently I have noticed a term that keeps coming up:

lets get down to business karen

This points people to A Just Recompense because of the name of the blog owner plus the title of a recent Project Runway episode, “Let’s Get Down To Business” which is fine except I think they are looking for the porn video of that title starring Karen (presumably a different Karen… yes, I am pretty sure about that). I would imagine they are very disappointed to end up here!

We still get a lot of search terms from students looking for answers, like:

Is the ascent by ron rash third person limited omniscient

Now, it seems to me if you know enough to ask the question (and spell it properly) you can figure it out for yourself! But maybe you have not read the story! Unfortunately, neither of us typically mention pov unless it is important or distinctive in some way, and the post for that particular story was done before we started using quotes from the work to open a post! Which means the post here would not answer the question at all! But I feel that anyone who can ask the question that well deserves an answer, so I will say: yes, it is!

Sometimes English students travel here in pairs:

the good samaritan by thomas mcguane give me the setting,characters,summary and moral lesson

(and, the next day,)

thomas mcguane on “the good samaritan” give me the moral lesson

Notice the first googler is greedier!

Sometimes search terms make clear the ways in which the world has changed:

when you were going to lagos you meet a man with 7 wives each wife had seven bags each bag had seven cats each cat had seven kittens how many were

When I was a kid (oh, nails on a blackboard, that phrase!) it was “As I was going to St. Ives” but that is ok, it still teaches exponents, and I actually could probably find Lagos on a map before I could find St. Ives. But St. Ives does make pretty good inexpensive hand cream.

Other strange search terms:

bra “she needs a padded bra”

define “draw dirty pictures on walls”

smelly cheese bizarre bondage

what is the name of the triangle where it is like carving your initials into a tree

one tiger, eight breasts

jennifer cycling in wicked weasel

Sometimes there are terms I would think are strange, except I actually know what they are looking for:

bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce dartmouth aires (This was from The Sing-Off, the Christmas episode when Dartmouth Aires did “Ignition (Remix)”).

carlson karen cats teasing scale (CATS is the Child-Adolescent Teasing Scale developed by, among others, psychologist Karen Carlson, not the owner of this blog!)

alicia is sorry that no one else but her is able to wake up with the tortilla star and make the lunchbox tortilla (This is from The House on Mango Street study guide)

translate “those darn etruscans” to french (anyone who has watched Jeopardy knows the category “Those Darn Etruscans” shows up every once in a while! But I do not know why they want to translate it to French, probably someone creating a Jeopardy board for French class?)

And my Search Term Of The Quarter award goes to:

phone number of mixed up runny dumbass trinidad and tobago

I have a terrible feeling this is something obscene, but it is also very funny!

Keep searching! I love these things!

2 responses to “Sunday with Zin: Fun With Search Terms!

  1. So funny! I’ve also had fun looking at the odd search terms that led people to my blog, including some really sketchy ones looking for an entirely different sort of Naomi. A great, entertaining round-up.

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