Sunday with Zin: at Khan Academy

A Mobius strip!

A Mobius strip!

Hello, I am Zin, and I have decided Sunday is Zin Day! Since I have not been commenting on stories lately (though I have one coming up very soon, just a couple of days to finish up) I have to find something else to do here! So I will do assorted things on Zin Sundays!

Last week I heard about Khan Academy on 60 Minutes (yes, I am an old fart who has watched 60 Minutes from before you were born, you young whippersnappers). It is completely free; if you want to keep track of what you watch you can log in with either a Google or Facebook account, but otherwise you can just go!

They have thousands of brief – 5 to 25 minute – video lessons on all kinds of subjects. The videos are very simple – no animation, just the guy writing and pictures to illustrate what he is talking about. They are very good lessons! They are interesting, like that fun class with the teacher everyone liked, except without the acne! And he explains things very well!

Most of the videos are about math (schools are using them) and economics (the guy who started the website is an economist) but there are some other things like history, cosmology (and other sciences), and art. Or you can learn about the Paulsen Bailout if you are that sort of person. I am not!

So I am finally figuring out the French Revolution, which has confused me all these years – how the good guy became bad guys, now I am beginning to understand! And the other night, one of the Project Runway designers mentioned Fragonard as his inspiration, so I watched videos (just illustrated talks by art historians, a little different) on two of his paintings! Which just happen to lead into the Enlightenment and the French Revolution, but that was by accident.

But the best ones are in the section at the bottom by the “resident mathematician” Vi Hart. Do not be scared! She is so much fun! For example:

The Möbius Tale of Wind and Mr. Ug: This is amazing! If you have seven minutes please watch it! You are not supposed to learn anything, just watch the little story! It is fun even if you have no idea what a Möbius strip is!


The Binary Hand Dance: It helps if you understand binary numbers (ones and zeros) but if not, just watch, it is very funny! If they taught math like this when I was in school, I might be able to add!

Let me know how you like them!

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