The Sing Off Christmas

Have a Merry Zin Christmas!

Hello, I am Zin! I was not going to blog this episode since it is not competition but a Christmas special, but I thought, oh, why not, I love this so much and it is almost over!

Groups and individuals from all three seasons perform! As an opening group number, Pentatonix, Committed, and Nota, the winners from all three seasons, do “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)” and segue into the Sing Off theme at the end! I just noticed all the winners have one-word names. I think that is a coincidence.

The ‘Bubs are back! I did not blog Season 1, I was not blogging back then, but I am so happy to see them! And Jerry Lawson is there, though I think it is just him and not his crew. And North Shore, On the Rocks, and the Backbeats – and there is Courtney the Female Beatboxer! And Street Corner Symphony, and Afro-Blue!

The Backbeats and Delilah do “All I Want For Christmas Is You” by Mariah Carey. Oh, and there is the Asian guy who put the Backbeats together, I do not remember his name! This is like a High School reunion, trying to remember everyone! And Courtney sings! It is not really a song I know but it is great to see people again. Sara says she sang with the Backbeats on the finale last year (which I do not remember, but I checked my blog entry; uh oh, I said, “I don’t know who she is. I just wish she wasn’t there. Something is very wrong with this, though it could be my neighbors playing something that’s coming through the walls”) and she appeared on their album as well. She sang in college a capella, I wonder if this is the group she sang with? Not these exact people, of course, but the group?

The Dartmouth Aires do “All You Need Is Love” – they are carrying signs, including one that says “Ho Ho Hope” – I live them! Clark is so cute. They are very collegiate. We hear from some people who have not done solos before, which is nice! After the number Michael says it is probably the last time they will perform together since some of them are graduating. I wonder, haven’t they already graduated? Or will they not be singing between now and graduation? That would be odd, it is half a year! I wonder how the show would handle it if they won, keeping old members on? I suppose they have it figured out, though it has not been an issue so far.

Committed and Afro-Blue do “Ooh Child.” Christie has such a cozy, warm voice, she is not a powerhouse belter like is so popular now, and she does not need to be, that is not their style, I am glad she is able to do what she does well. Ben gives them props as the standard of serious craft and intellect.

Street Corner Symphony do the Leonard Cohen “Hallelujah.” They sound very out of tune, maybe it is the lead that is off, but it is not good at all, and I am disappointed because I love that song and I always liked them. I wish they would have done the extra verse. Nick talks to them and Jeremy says last season was like summer camp and was a lot of fun.

North Shore sings “Little St. Nick” by the Beach Boys. They are cute as always! Guy says it is spiritually uplifting to get tweets and emails, and he is happy to be on a good clean family oriented show. Oh, why did he have to say that?

Ben and Sara do a spoof on rehearsing “Baby It’s Cold Outside.” Since I just saw this over the summer on The Glee Project, I have a lot of crossover between Ben and Cameron! They are both kind of nerdy! I wonder if they did that on purpose. They joke around about Sara not knowing what rubbing seconds are and Ben having an awful voice like a coyote on helium baying at the moon. Then they actually sing it on stage, with Ben on piano – hey, no fair, I really get mad when they bring instruments in! They have the Sing Off Five doing backup, horns and percussion, it looks like Kevin from Pentatonix and the blond guy from Vocal Point but I could be mistaken, they are really good, they do great horns! I can not keep from smiling! It is very nice! Even with the piano! I guess Ben wanted to show that even if he does not really have a great voice he really is a musician! You do not have to convince me, Ben!

Pentatonix does “Mistletoe” by Justin Beiber. They are so sweet. Kirstie can do the whole rock and techno-pop thing, and then she can turn into Miss Apple Pie at the drop of a hat, she is really special! Scott gets a little awkward trying to answer the lame question, “How does it feel to be champions for the past week.”

Jerry Lawson sings “Sweet Soul Music” with Kevin from Pentatonix and Courtney as percussion, Afro-Blue, and Avi, and a bunch of people from various groups. It is really nice to see him! He was using a cane on the last finale, I guess it was a temporary injury because he is not using one tonight. The horns are terrific, I wonder if they had someone come in and give a master class on horns, because they are all doing really good at horns. Shawn calls Jerry the trail blazer, and says it is nice to see the generations together on the stage. Yes, especially with that song which is a roll-call of the greats!

The Beelzebubs, On the Rocks, and Dartmouth Aires perform “Santa Clause is Coming to Town.” They do it as debate teams with podiums and all. My face is hurting from smiling so much! It is just so cute! And Matt is still with the Beelzebubs, that was two years ago! I wonder if he really was a sophomore, or if they brought him back in. He looks exactly the same! He’s such a cutie! Ben says “you brought a long-brewing movement to life, emphasis on the brew part” and laughs when nobody gets the joke! Shawn tries to figure out On the Rocks, from Oregon, are ducks or mallards, and fails. Sara is happy to see college a capella alive and well. I wonder why Vocal Point is not there, they are a college group, right?

Urban Method does “You’re a Mean One Mr. Grinch” which is hilarious – Myk plays the Grinch, of course! The bass lead is terrific! Wow, who knew they could be playful and humorous? They should have left out the solo by Katie, she did not fit the song at all (and I like Katie a lot). After when Myk is talking with Nick, he is holding the mike with his fingers extended and it looks like he is picking his nose!

The Collective does “Santa Baby.” As soon as Nick announced that, I knew Ruby would be doing the lead. And she did! She sure has the face for it, but I still really hate her voice, the only voice in three years of Sing Off that I have really disliked. I am sorry, I do not get what Ben sees in her! She is not too bad in her low register, but as soon as she goes into higher notes it gets all flunkey.

Nota, the Season 1 winners, do “This Christmas” by Donny Hathaway with Shawn; they segue into a Latin rhythm in the middle and sing in Spanish a little (they are from Puerto Rico) which is cook! And again the horns are terrific! Oh, I heard that Shawn did not perform in the finale because he was out of town until just before the performance so he did not have any chance to rehearse at all. So I guess he got to make up for it here.

Vocal Point does a distinctly Frank Sinatra version of “Let it Snow” with Nick. And more great horns! They do a really nice job; at the end most of them fall down on the stage and make angels in the fake snow! They are all wearing fedoras. It is so nice! Nick tells them they have a knack for the Sinatra style.

Special guest Flo Rida sings “Good Feeling” with Pentatonix and Urban Method. He seems a lot more into it than a lot of the people they bring on to sing with the groups, like Smokey Robinson last week or Neil Diamond last year. But the song is really boring to me. I guess Flo Rida is considered a big deal? I am an old fart so I do not know!

And for the grand finale, all the groups – 14 groups, 119 voices – sing “Happy Christmas” by John Lennon and Yoko Ono. Some singers are in their boxes, some are in the audience, everyone has electric candles, it is very nice. Nick announces it is for the service people who are finally coming home. Except, I hate to be a wet blanket with facts when everyone is singing about the war being over, but war is not really over just yet, there is still a place called Afghanistan.

This was a lovely show, and a terrific series! I am going to miss the Sing Off! See you next year! And good luck to Pentatonix as they start their career!

2 responses to “The Sing Off Christmas

  1. Hey Zin,

    Awesome reading your blog this season, I hope you bring it back for the next one. You’ve inspired me to check out the christmas show which I wasn’t really planning on watching. Enjoy your holidays and keep up the good work, I’ll be looking through your other blog posts so don’t be surprised if I pop up somewhere else.


    • Hello, Bob, and Thank You! I have enjoyed your company along the way, I get a lot of hits on these Sing Off posts but no comments, I am not sure why! So I have enjoyed your thoughts! And arguing about Urban Method! 😉 Hey, they were great in the Christmas show, with the Grinch song!

      Maybe we will tempt you to read a story or two? There are some very short ones! If you give me some idea about your preferences in reading, I might be able to find one just for you!

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