The Sing-Off 2011 Episode 11: Top 3 Finalists – the Season Finale

Hello, I am Zin, and I am very happy that Pentatonix has won The Sing Off! The drawing above is a “work in progress” by na de regen on tumblr (the tumblr is gone, but the art is now at Deviant Art), is this not incredibly cool? The completed full-color pic can be found by clicking on the link, but since I like black and white I included the sketch. It is so wonderful! How happy it makes me that someone is drawing Pentatonix, and so well!

Now, to back up a little! It seems Ben Folds was caught up in a Twitterverse Nightmare after his decision last week, to go with Dartmouth Aires and cut Afro-Blue. He made a post earlier today on his Sing-Off blog reacting to that. I have to admit I am perplexed by his vote, but I still admire Ben Folds very much and I still love this show and I think there was enough room for a reasonable and honest difference of opinion.

Back to tonight! What happened – it was a terrific show, really! The Top 10 groups were there! As an opening number the Top 3 did “The Way You Make Me Feel” by Michael Jackson, which was really nice! Then we follow the Top 3 in a visit to a service organization where they help out and sing a little, and then they perform on stage and the judges give some final thoughts. Later they will sing a number with one of the judges (except Nick will stand in for Shawn), and Afro-Blue will be included in that, singing with Smokey Robinson! That is a very nice consolation prize! And all the women will sing, and all the men. So it is a concert before the results are revealed.

Pentatonix visits The Trevor Project which does crisis intervention with LGBTQ kids to help them deal with bullying and prevent teen suicide (and shame on whoever made the decision to turn it into a support group for tall girls). They listen to kids talk and Avi talks about having trouble in school because he is Jewish, and Mitch was ridiculed because of his voice (which is now a huge asset) which is at least a little closer to the issues the kids in question are actually facing. They tape a PSA and sing “Dog Days Are Over” for the teens. Back on the show, they perform “Without You” by David Guetta featuring Usher. They were not at their best at first, but came together by the end. The earlier performances were taped, remember, and could be remixed a little bit, but this is live. Sara calls them daredevils. Ben praises the surprises and the Avi-Kevin combo. Shawn gives props to the soloists. They will come back later and perform with Nick.

And Vocal Point sings a clip from “Just The Way You Look Tonight” into the commercial break from their box. It is nice that everyone gets to sing a little bit!

Urban Method goes to the Sickle Cell Disease Foundation in LA. Kim has a sister with sickle cell, and Myk has a cousin, so it has meaning to them. They sing “Airplanes” for the people, then perform “Stereo Hearts” by Gym Class Heroes featuring Adam Levine. Again, it is not their best. Shawn credits them with creating hiphopapella. Sara gives props to the ladies for growing so much; Ben praises their massive sound and credits Tony with great production methods. Sara will sing with them in a little bit.

Dartmouth Aires visit Saving Strokes, which provides rehabilitation via golf for stroke survivors. Michael talks about how his mother had a stroke last Spring and how she struggled with rehab. Back on the show, they perform “Paradise by the Dashboard Light” By Meat Loaf; Amy from Delilah joins them for the female part, and she does a really good job of seeming to be surprised! I was fooled until I realized she had rehearsed this! I am one of those people who thinks you do not mess with this song; they did a fine job but still, the original is pretty iconic. Ben says they stand out from many energetic college groups because they have a theatrical edge, and Michael is an unmistakable lead. Shawn likes that they never hold back. Sara loves the way they have fun with every performance. Ben will sing with them later.

Pentatonix sings “Give Me Just One Night (Una Noche)” with Nick Lachey. Kevin was a 98 Degrees groupie. Scottie loves having a sixth member. Nick is worried about the dancing, they were the boy group that did not really dance. Nick and Kirstie flirt. She flirts really well in Spanish. Terrific job!

Deltones sing to break, “Edge of Glory” excerpt.

Urban Method sing “Gonna Get Over You” with Sara Bareilles. I know nothing about Sara as a singer. Katie is honored to perform with her. – “Never Get Over You.’ Katie is honored to perform with her. They are very 50s, leather jackets and purple circle skirts with Sara in a beige sparkly dress! Kara Saun has outdone herself! It was nice, not my favorite.

Afro-Blue sings “Put Your Records On” to break.

Dartmouth Aires sings “Not the Same,” with Ben Folds. He has the audience do a sing-along in three parts. It reminds me of a very old concert Peter Paul and Mary did with Rock My Soul, the same kind of audience participation. I do not get the song, but everyone seemed to have a good time.

Yellow Jackets sing to break, “Waving Flag.”

The Women of the Sing Off 2011 Top 10 Groups get together and sing “Natural Woman” by Aretha Franklin. They call it a sexy, strong, girl statement. Ruby is back! I still do not like her voice no matter what Ben Folds says! She cut her hair. I do not know who it was that was blasting out the high notes, Amy from Delilah? It was fantastic! Oh they were doing so well, really terrific, until the last measure! They sang it just fine, I did not like the arrangement. But overall, terrific job!

North Shore sings “Lazy Song” into break.

The Men of the Sing Off 2011 Top 10 do “Born to Run by” Bruce Springsteen. Someone explains earnestly, “It is a song that came out in the 70s.” I love that they feel they have to explain that! I am such an old fart! One guy says it is easier to learn the song without any girls to distract them! Sure, blame the women! The Queen vs The Boss. Yeah, and three times as many people! The Boss needs three times the voices to measure up to The Queen! Michael is not at his best in this. Nice motorcycle at the end! It was good but I thought the girls were better.

Delilah does “Grenade” into break.

Smokey Robinson sings “You Really Got A Hold on Me” with Afro-Blue –This is terrific! Great job! I hope they are happy with their consolation prize!

The Collective sings “I Will Survive” into break.

There is one more pass at the judges giving encouragement and praise to the top 3. And then they start announcing the results. The last half hour of this two-hour episode is basically stretching, I wish they would have more singing, at least rebroadcast the best performances of the three groups.

Urban Method is third. After everyone not knowing if it is ok to hug them, a hugfest breaks out and Nick tries to get things moving again! They do their swan song, “Coming Home” by Ditty-Dirty Money featuring Skylar Grey.

Pentatonix Wins! What a relief, I do not think I could have taken it otherwise! They sing “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor. Dartmouth Aires do not get to do a swan song! That is too bad! They just disappear from the stage!

But wait! There is more! Next Week: a Christmas show that will include Nota and Committed as well as Season 3 Groups! Cool!

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