Google’s Really Got A Hold On Me

Is anyone else wasting enormous stretches of time playing with the Google doodle of Les Paul’s guitar?

I think I spent an hour yesterday morning with it when I first saw it. I didn’t mean to, the time just flew by while I strummed and plucked. Then last night Rachel Maddow did a segment on it for her “Best New Thing” closing piece (she played the Presidential candidates’ first names, using the keyboard feature, to see which would work best. Does it come as a surprise to anyone that “Barack” was the most melodious?) which you can watch if you can sit through the 15-second commercial that precedes the segment on the video (grrrrr…).

I played with the Google Guitar again last night for a good hour or so, since it would only be there for a day. And this morning – it’s still there! Oh no! It’s so popular, they’ve left it up another day! I’m going to get nothing done! And HuffPo has a complete tutorial! Just what I need, another time sink.

I think everyone in the US, maybe the western world, goes through a guitar stage. Whether we grew up with Les Paul, Jimi Hendrix, or for that matter with Andres Segovia playing on the phonograph or stereo or iPod, everyone seems to at one point or another pick up a guitar and noodle around with it. I had my own style back in the 60s and 70s (it was Paul Simon, Peter, Paul and Mary, and Don McLean for me); because of my stubby fat fingers, I couldn’t quite reach much more than a handful of chords and so I only played the simplest songs. Still, about once a decade I get another guitar to see if I still can’t play. I just did this a couple of years ago – my first venture onto Ebay, a ¾ sized guitar which I thought would be better since my fingers, now arthritic, wouldn’t have to stretch as far. Nope. So I donated it to a teen center after a few months.

In eight or ten years, I’ll try again. In the meantime – there’s always Google! Gotta go now…

Make some music today!


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