Zin Makes The Longlist!

Happy Happy Zin!

Hello, I am Zin! This is amazing! My flash, “The Man With The Nose In His Living Room” in FRiGG Fall 2010 made the Wigleaf Longlist for best online flash for 2010! It did not make the Top 50 list, but it is one of the 200 best flashes for the year, which maybe sounds a little like one of 40 best states, but when I look at the names of other people from the Zoetrope Flash Factory on the Longlist – Randall Brown (my hero), David Woodruff as Kyle Hemmings, Tania Hershman, Meg Pokrass, Ethel Rohan, Jeanne Holtzman (heroes all) – and so many other wonderful writers and literary magazines I love, I am honored to be on this list, on any list where they are.

This particular story did not start off very well, but Ellen Parker (she is the editor of FRiGG and a wonderful person, patient, full of generosity of self as Suvir Saran from Top Chef Masters put it) told me exactly where I went wrong and stood by waiting as I fumbled and finally fixed it!

This is good news! And it is good now because I had two rejections this morning so it is always nice to get something good to balance that out! And I have been struggling with the prompts in the Flash Factory lately, I do not seem to be really getting my teeth into anything though I keep writing anyway.

10 responses to “Zin Makes The Longlist!

  1. That’s strange. It was probably more like 6:49. Looks like your time zone is wrong? 🙂

    But yes, even that’s early for me. I’ve become a morning person now, going to the Y, too. If you told me half a year ago that I’d be working out in the morning, I wouldn’t believe you. But this morning I was working (procrastinating) on a personal essay that is due for a Grub Street class Wednesday night. Once I’m done with that class, I’ll return to my story Bullseye and start sending it out for publication.

    • It is Daylight Savings Time – all my resets happen at 1 am instead of midnight now! Time is a very strange thing!

      How did you find the experience of putting Bullseye on the Flash board? It has been very quiet there lately, which is why most of us hang out in the Flash Factory. though every once in a while someone says “We should post our stories on the main board!” and that lasts a week or so. 😉 Did you get helpful reviews?

      • I’m satisfied with the response. I received six reviews out of 18 reads. Two opt-outs, which is strange. I’m happy with the reviews, especially yours because you went line-by-line, as did one or two other people. That most surprising is that a number of people misunderstood what was really happening with the wife, but what they thought was more intriguing than what I had in mind, so I’m exploring that now. So much work for a tiny piece! I often wonder how much time other, more prolific flash fic writers, take on such stories.

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