Zin in Translation

Hello, I am Zin! I am very excited again: I am going to be translated!

A friend from the Flash Factory at Zoetrope, Jesus Silveyra Tapia, works with a literary magazine based in Mexico, Levrel (which is an artistically misspelled version of Lebrel, meaning Sighthound). He is putting together a dossier for the Winter issue and remembered one of my flashes from several months ago (the prompt was: one phone call from jail), and asked if he could translate it and include it! I am so excited! I have never been translated before! I am becoming International! It is a new magazine, this will be the third issue, and many things can happen between now and then, but I am honored that he remembered my Oatmeal story.

Lee, my Maine writer friend who loves all things Mexican (and is working on a book about the Mayans), I hope your eye is better so you can read this!

2 responses to “Zin in Translation

  1. Congrats, Zin!! That is so exciting! I am kind of able to read with one eye only, but well enough to see the good news!
    How do I find a copy of the story–in English or Spanish?

    • Thank you, Lee! I am honored that you use your limited eye-time to read me! I hope again it gets better more quickly than it seems to be doing! A family member had this Bell Palsy but it was only a droopy lip, it took a few months but it did get completely better, so I am hoping for you it will go more quickly than that! I will email you the story!

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