The Social Network

[Zin Kenter] Hello, I am Zin! I watched The Social Network last weekend – three times! I loved it, I would have watched it four times if I had time in the 24 hours I had it for. I think four would be enough to “own” it. I like to “own” things, books, movies, especially music, see or hear or read them enough so they are accessible somehow, I do not quite understand how it works but there is a point at which I do not want to read or see or hear it any more. I once listened to “I Gave Up My Eyes To A Man Who Was Blind” by Ballboy 62 times on continuous repeat all day long before I “owned” it. I was very sad at the time. I have not listened to it since, I do not think.

But I was talking about The Social Network. It reminded me how much I miss The West Wing! Everyone talked like Josh or CJ! “Dating you is like dating a Stairmaster!” The snidery, the twins (he wants to hire the Sopranos to beat Mark up, and says “I’m 6’6″, 220, and there are two of me!”), and that very sad scene at the end where he keeps refreshing the screen to see if Erica has Friended him… awww… And poor Eduardo, left behind. It is all about being left out, the whole movie. Except of course they are millionaires and billionaires. Money will not buy you happiness but it gives you choices about the kind of unhappiness you have. I wonder if Mark has been diagnosed with Asperger syndrome or ADHD or something like that. I suppose they are all fine. Even the twins. I just discovered the twins were played by one actor which amazes me. I could not tell they were twins. I am terrible at recognizing faces! I went to school with twins and they looked like different people to me. But the scenes they were in were very complicated, so I am surprised they did the filmmaking shenanigans necessary to do this. Though I suppose it was easier than finding twins who can both act and would be attractive and inbred-looking enough, which was the point of the twins.

It is hard to have people who are such jerks be sympathetic, but they were. Because everyone gets left out of something, I think that is the common ground. I even felt sorry for Sean Parker, though not much. Still, he did lose. He can say he changed the record industry, but he went broke and Napster is gone. If he had invented Itunes it would be something else. And he was a slimeball in the movie. It was clear at the end that the idea was that Mark realized he had left a good friend and ended up with a slimeball. I do not understand how business works but I suppose he is stuck with Sean now.

I do not like Facebook, btw. I had an account a long time ago and cancelled it but they will not let me start a new one with that email address, so I used another email address but rarely used it and finally wanted to send a message to someone but they said I was not a real person and cancelled me! And in order to get the account back I have to give them my name address phone and all kinds of things and I am just not going to do that. If I decide I really want a facebook account some day I will use another email. But it is sad, because it shows how things start out cool and then they get big and they turn into behemoths and they are not fun any more. Facebook is not cool any more. It is cool to write code for a system and be an underdog. It is not cool to be a billionaire who makes money off people who are losing their privacy by surprise. And how cool can anything be when it is necessary for businesses – real estate agents, accountants, lawyers – to have facebook pages.

But the movie is wonderful! And the music! The music – the written music, not the pop songs playing, though I did enjoy “Baby You’re a Rich Man” at the end – is so perfect. Just single notes, on a piano with a bass line, so lonely, the music was perfect even though it was extremely simple. It was the music in fact, when I heard it at whatever the awards show was earlier this year, that made me want to see the movie, that and Aaron Sorkin. I have heard that Aaron Sorkin is working on an HBO series about a cable news network, and Keith Olbermann might be joining him as a consultant. I would get HBO to see that.

Just talking about it makes me think I might order it again and watch it a few more times. After all, I did listen to “I Gave Up My Eyes To A Man Who Was Blind” 62 times…

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