100 Visits Today

Today for the first time I had 100+ visits to this blog. Prior to this, I had one 99-visit day and a couple in the 60’s. This week has been particularly active, though I don’t really know why. Some weeks are dead, others are red-hot.

I’m not sure what this means. But it’s fun.

I sometimes get a lot of visits from sites I’ve never heard of – StumbleUpon, blogsurfer, alphainventions, and the ever popular “other sources”. Then there are things that strike me as bizarre – like getdentalimplantsinfo.com and tramadolpills.info. I’m not sure how they ended up here from there, but most of the Internet is a mystery to me. There are a few referrers I recognize, but they’re rare. It’s like when I started this blog. WordPress told me, “invite your friends” which I did. My friends weren’t interested. Strangers seem to like me much better. I’m trying not to take that personally.

My most popular single page (aside from “Home page”) is my review of Steve Almond’s “Donkey Greedy, Donkey Gets Punched” from BASS 2010. This cheers me. I suppose it’s mostly English students looking for essay material, or trying to avoid reading the actual story by reading about the story (hey, I did the same thing, except it wasn’t online, and I still have a great fondness for Cliff’s Notes). In fact, sometimes I’ll see a search string like “what is the theme of The King of Norway”. But it’s nice that a short story occupies that spot. Of course, among readers of short stories, Steve Almond is a rock star. It’s nothing I can claim credit for.

My second highest page in hits is a surprise: the Sing Off finale. That day, in fact, was my highest activity level until now. Top Chef has quite a few hits, and I’d guess most of my Thursday “home page” visits are actually Top Chef related. But I do get quite a few looks at the BASS pages. The New Yorker, not so much (I guess they’re too new to be taught in English classes). Vetebrod was more popular than I’d ever thought. And not surprisingly, very few visitors have been interested in the writing exercises from “What If?”.

Very few people check out Cool Sites for Writers and Readers, or Online Fiction etc. to Read and Love, which is too bad since there’s some great stuff in there. But not enough. I haven’t taken very good care of those pages, and I need to devote more time and effort to them. My stories have had a fair number of clicks, as have Zin’s. I’m always nervous when I see someone has clicked on one of my stories, or two or three, then stopped – did they decide I wasn’t a good enough writer to read? Sigh.

And of course comments are few and far between. I understand that. I visit maybe twenty blogs a day, more if I’m researching something that is current. And I almost never leave comments. But I wish I knew more about these people who are reading my words, whether they’re pleased with what they’ve read, bored, if they got here by mistake, if they never want to come back, or if they just wanted to know the theme of “The King of Norway” and wish they’d found it here and are a little pissed that they didn’t. And I’m still feeling my way through this whole blogging thing. So, whoever you are, welcome!


14 responses to “100 Visits Today

    • Thanks, Elizabeth! The final count was 133. I’m not sure why I feel like it’s something to be proud of – it’s like bra size, what difference does it make? But it’s kind of fun to try to figure it out – why was the last week in January so low? Why is this week so high? Let’s face it, if I posted that I have garmentless photographic representations of a certain teeny bopper pop hero I’d be swamped – I learned that from the time I included a certain medieval device to insure romantic fidelity in a story. I gotta watch what I say here.

      And I had a good excuse to include art, and I found a cool cat poster!

  1. Congrats on so many hits! I’m so new to this whole blogging thing that I don’t even know how to tell how many people are reading my blog lol. I don’t often comment on any of the blogs I read but I do enjoy reading them. Keep up the good work.

  2. My highest count on WordPress was on Jan. 26 this year, the day after the Literary Death Match came to Cambridge. I posted a bunch of photos, and that day I got 73 visits.

    Here I started reading some of your published works the other day. I really like the premise of “A Practical Illustration of Entropy” — did you need to make a diagram to keep track of who was with who at what time? What a cool concept!

    • My “highest hit count” has to be revised – for today, it’s 265 right now, it’s been over 200 for the past 3 days thanks to Top Chef approaching the finale and the wacky Yogurt commercial (though for individual posts, Steve Almond’s Donkey Greedy still has the highest number of hits, which makes me smile). I have a list of search terms that lead people here, one of these days when I’m between readings I’ll post it. A lot of students looking for themes without reading the stories.

      I’m glad you liked Entropy – that was out of the Flash Factory on Zoetrope a long time ago, I think the prompt was Love. I experiment a lot in the Factory, writing things I normally wouldn’t, just to see what happens. I did have a chart! A couple of readers said they needed a chart, too – but the point wasn’t to remember each character, but to get the pattern. Ink Sweat & Tears was very brave to take it – he was really nice, said he was glad to have a story that wasn’t just a short story pared down to 999 words but something that was designed to be very short. And I was very very lucky to have Randall Brown (flash god) review it on Zoetrope and give me some astute tips.

      • Randall Brown is on Zoetrope, too? Huh. Perhaps I need to reconsider trying it out. My wife, Elizabeth, and I went to a bookstore recently and she found a Zoetrope magazine. First time I’ve seen it. I need to get out more!

      • Zoetrope the online workshop (originally American Zoetrope) and Zoetrope: All-Story the literary magazine (and one of the finest literary magazines out there) are related in that they were both founded (and are funded) by Francis Ford Coppola. But the workshop does not have anything to do with the magazine. In fact, there’s a rumor that in the more-than-decade both have been up and running, only one story from the Workshop has ever made it to the magazine. Occasionally screenplays are said to have made it to real films people have actually seen, but I’m not sure of any specifics.

        Zoetrope the workshop is however a great place to get feedback on your writing, as well as information about contests, literary magazines, and writing in general. The cost, of course, is that you have to give feedback to others. It can be time consuming. To me it’s worth it. There are some terrific people there, and I’ve learned a lot.

        I’m going to send you a Z-mail (a Zoetrope version of email) so if you log in again, you’ll have some info at your disposal.

  3. I’m smiling – I found your blog because when I checked my stats for my blog, I had the dental implant site as a referring site as well. I found it weird enough to google it, and up you came.

    Strangers seem to like me too. I think it’s something about the nature of blogging.

    The coolest part of this little stumble upon is that I’m also a freelance writer and I think you have an awesome site here!

    • Hi Maryellen – that’s funny, I still don’t know what that dental site is all about, it’s very strange. At least now I know why that particular posts still gets hits. I haven’t had any visits from them for a long time. But I’m glad you ended up here. Your photos are gorgeous, love the winter berries. I may ask to use one for art some time. What kind of writing do you do?

  4. Hi Karen – I’m so glad you like the photos. I’m doing close ups of nature stuff I find in parks here in Minnesota. I also do some beading, so if you need nature or bead photos, just let me know.

    The practical writing is an instructors manual for building robots in summer camps, product descriptions, SEO articles and web site content. Not thrilling, but it is the kind of writing people pay for.

    The fun stuff is a suspense piece that’s sort of a sci-fi futuristic conspiracy theory thriller about mind control. It has a mind of it’s own, and I only work on it when I feel brave.

    I just started reading your “Secret of Despair” and I’m loving it! What do I write? When I’m letting myself be creative, this is the sort of thing I write.

    I’m checking out the link to Toasted Cheese and I’m delighted. Thrilled even. There are other people who use the term snarky. That is delightful.

    • Well, the best kind of writing is the kind that pays. 😉 “Despair” was the first story I wrote this time around (I did some fiction writing when I was younger, terrible stuff, gave up and stuck to academic and work writing for decades). I haven’t read it since it was published; I’m afraid to. I haven’t written in months now, except for blogging.

      I picked up “snark” from Television Without Pity (TWoP), where I used to spend too much time. They thought I went off-topic too much, so I started doing my own recaps, but I still read the message boards pretty regularly.

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