Baby Artichokes

I was just looking through my Feeds – I don’t really understand Feeds, and I only check in on them every month or so, and they never seem to be updated, so I think I’m missing something about Feeds. But the point is – I took a look at my friend Melissa’s blog. Now, Melissa is a wonderful writer, we used to play on Zoetrope a lot, but she’s also an amazing chef, and she has a food blog which tempts me to try things way WAY out of my comfort zone. I’m glad to see she’s posting again, she took a little break there, but now she’s back with Catfish and Olives.

I’m not likely to make Catfish with Olives, but it reminded me that I’ve been doing a lot of vegetative exploration this fall and winter. Last season, 2009-2010, I played with chard of various kinds and colors, stuffed acorn squash with a rice mixture, and made beets time and time again in various ways. This season, it’s been about multicolored carrots, parsnips, brussels sprouts, and celery root. And the other day I found… baby artichokes! Right there in my supermarket! Regular artichokes are way too much work for me, not really worth it. But Baby Artichokes are a lot less work – just peel off the big leaves, trim the top and bottom, and you’re good to go, no searching for the choke which’ll kill you if you don’t get it out. It’s the “it’ll kill you” part that makes artichoke cookery not so much fun.

But with baby artichokes, no choke! And I love baby veggies (not the “baby cut carrots” which are regular carrots chopped up to look like baby size, don’t let them fool you, they’re convenient but they are NOT baby carrots), no matter what they are, so it’s a natural. I got four, and ended up with a little more than a half cup when cleaned and split. I didn’t do anything to them, just steamed them and threw on a little butter and salt. I could do this often.

Oh, and I discovered how to Follow Melissa’s blog instead of getting Feeds, so from now on it’ll be a lot easier.

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