Happy Happy Zin!

[Zin Kenter] Hello, I am Zin! Warning: I am about to brag! Or crow! Or do a Happy Dance! I have had a very VERY good week and I am very happy and I have had so many bad weeks I want to document this so next time I am sad I can look here and think, well, that happened, who knows, maybe it will happen again some time. I try not to document my bad weeks (I made a mistake last week but I deleted it) but this was a VERY good week, at least in my terms. I mean, I did not win a million dollars or get a Nobel prize or cure cancer but I wrote a good story! And that did not seem possible a month ago!

Last year I was doing some writing work in the Flash Factory on Zoetrope. Zoetrope is an online writing workshop, and the Flash Factory is an office where a prompt is given every week. I got some good flashes out of that, some of them were published, and I learned a lot from some very talented people there, very talented, and part of the gig is we all review the stories we write so I had some very good feedback. In late summer I had some problems with a class I took, it made me very sad and I stopped writing, we started this blog in an attempt to get back to writing, to do exercises and read, but I could not write. And I got an email from my dear writing friend Marko (he is a wonderful writer, one of his stories is in my “Online Reading” page, and I am resisting the temptation to put another one there because I do not want it to be the Marko page, after all, one entry per writer), and another from my new writing friend Leonard, about my dear Zoe Godmother Liesl looking for me, and between those three people I went back to the Flash Factory a few weeks ago. As of today I have written four flashes for the Factory – which is four more than I wrote in the six months before!

And this week I wrote a story I really liked, which can be dangerous because you post it in the Factory and find out sometimes other people do not like it! I was scared! But I posted it and a lot of people did like it – in fact it was the winning story for the week! And even better, one of the editors of Smokelong (a wonderful online magazine) read it – it was her prompt that was used since she won the contest the week before – and asked me to submit it to Smokelong, and they will publish it in March! This is so wonderful! It is an honor, like with FRiGG, really a great thing to have happen! And it is funny, when I go back an look at the story, which I did not know what would be happening when I wrote it, it is very short, but I see it includes someone wanting something and obstacles and all those things people have been telling me for years and I put it in the story without really concentrating on those elements! Maybe I am becoming a writer after all!

Now I have a week off from the Factory (I do not want to write to my own prompt) and I am going to buckle down and keep reading, and there is another office on Zoetrope that might be starting that might help me get going with short stories, I have not been able to do that either, several are lying dead in the road because I have neglected them and I think I need to start over. But this week gives me a little boost and feeling that maybe I can do this, maybe if I work hard and study and keep reading all these great stories from BASS and The New Yorker and One Story and all the other places I have been reading, I will be able to write a halfway decent story!

So forgive me for being so brazen and happy, but some times I just have to let myself have a moment!

7 responses to “Happy Happy Zin!

  1. Congratulations! I can’t wait to read it! Good for you!

    I need to polish my flash fiction and submit them somewhere. This is the year to do it.

    • Go for it, Stan! If you would like to try Zoetrope and The Flash Factory, I am happy to help! Liesl is my Zoe Godmother and I can be your Zoe Godfriend! You can take it at your own pace, lurk for a while or jump right in, there is a lot of activity there and people who do many different things, at many different levels!

  2. Hey, Congrats on having a great writing week and for getting a story published, Keep up the good work and keep on writing…

    • Thank you, Elizabeth! Stanley, if you are still listening, Elizabeth is also from Zoetrope and The Flash Factory, and she was very helpful to me when I started! And she also sent out a Christmas card that helped rescue me, although she did not realize it at the time… that is mysterious but sometimes the best things are very mysterious!

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