Lucy is Perfect! So says the vet.

9.8 pounds! That’s 2 pounds gained in the past year, and the vet says this weight is “perfect” for her. So almost 5 years of illness, and now she’s turned back the clock.

I’ve noticed she’s seemed much better this year. She frisks again – runs through the hallway and jumps on the couch and over the desk to the window, plays with me, snuggles up at night. She’s a different kitty from the one who curled up and barely moved. And that awful summer of 2009, when I was in such pain and so sick, and she was throwing up a couple of times a day. I really had thoughts of just letting her out, maybe someone would take her in, maybe she’d end up back at the shelter where I got her from fourteen years ago, maybe she’d get hit by a car but at least it’d be over quickly for her, because I couldn’t handle it, I could hardly bend over and here I had to clean up the floor twice a day, and changing the litter took me half an hour, it was awful. Then I was in the hospital for a week, and Lucy was abandoned until blessed Sally came by and rescued her – and that’s been a turning point for both of us. We both got better, though last year she was still at 7.9 pounds.

Now she’s the healthiest and happiest she’s been in 5 years, and they’re amazed she’s 16 – “I can’t believe she’s a 16 year old hyperthyroid” said the vet. Wow. My Lucy is back. I may not have her for much longer – most of my cats left me when they were 16, Gilda made it to 18 – but I’m glad she’s so much better.


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