I’ve just found a new way to waste time. Failbook.

I was on Facebook for a few months back when I was still on Zoetrope. A lot of Zoetropers had Facebook accounts, and it’s become almost mandatory for literary magazines to have accounts. We, of course, were sophisticated, mature people so we only posted status updates when there was something important, like a publication or an acceptance (yeah, and if you believe that one…). Massive time sink, but I have to admit it was a good way to know what was going on everywhere. I no longer care what’s going on anywhere, including right here where I am. So I don’t have a Facebook account.

Zin had one, briefly, but never really used it except to look up other accounts. And lo and behold, Zin got a message last week about a security violation and fixing it required Zin to send in a phone number. So Zin no longer has an account. Which is too bad, there are some interesting people on Facebook but I’m sick of it and Zin is sick of it. I would like to see the movie though. And this Failbook site is hilarious.


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