Aimee Bender – “The Third Elevator”

I’ve had a bad streak going – illness, busy-ness, rejections pouring in – so I read this little story today while waiting for the bus. It’s adorable.

It’s a teeny-tiny book published by Madras Press (, no I don’t have any connection with them but I love their books). Aimee Bender tickles me anyway, and this is just great.  A swan who falls in love with a bluebird, their baby cloud, a logger who can’t cut down trees, the three elevators in the woods, a miner who discovers the surface… well, you get the idea. It just makes me smile.

The cool thing about Madras Press is, the proceeds from the book sales go to charities designated by the authors – in this case, an LA writing group for teens in  juvenile hall.

6 responses to “Aimee Bender – “The Third Elevator”

  1. This is a book that’s been in the back of my mind for a while. The other day I was at Madras’ site and was close to purchasing it. Aimee Bender is fantastic. Glad to hear The Third Elevator is another quality publication by Bender.

    Also, thanks for stopping by TTTR and linking to us!

    • Oh, yes, order it! Get the Rebecca Lee “Bobcat” too – it’s very different, but wonderful also, in a different way. The other two are probably great too, I just haven’t gotten to them yet. And they’re cute – I love tiny books!

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