The interview – Rachel and Jon

I went to TWoP (reluctantly, since I quit a few weeks ago unable to tolerate the strait jackets they require on posts) to see what people were saying about this interview. Imagine my surprise when I saw words like “dull” and “underwhelming”.

What were these people watching? Because my socks are in the next county – I thought it was marvelous! Bravo to Rachel Maddow and Jon Stewart for showing how two intelligent, politically engaged adults can sit down and talk about things they disagree on without calling each other names or stomping out or invoking Hitler or communism.

I love that Jon called her out on “dismissiveness”, how the left shuts down debate. I think that’s true. There’s nothing worse than having someone wave a hand at you and say, “Oh, well, sure, that’s them…” with the clear implication that it doesn’t matter.  And the comments about Bush as war criminal, a conversation stopper – now, maybe that should be a conversation stopper, maybe we should stop making up new words when we get uncomfortable applying the old ones in situations where we aren’t sure we like the implications. And maybe we need to define our terms better. The “in the game” discussion – I’m not so sure Stewart is as not in the game as he seems to think, considering how many candidates end up on his show, and I wonder if he’s being ingenuous in declaring himself not in the game. But I think that’s the real genius – if we can’t tell the difference between news and comedy any more, we need to think about that. Is comedic news, or commentary, valid?

I was very impressed with Jon Stewart. I wonder why I don’t watch him more. Every time I see any clip on him, I like it, yet there’s something about the Comedy Channel that scares me. I’m going to have to change that.

And given the supposed message of his weekend rally, that MSNBC and Fox are polar opposites and thus equivalent, well, first, he backtracked from that. And second, I didn’t see him sitting down with anyone from Fox on this. I can’t imagine him sitting down with anyone from Fox doing an interview like this. I’d like to think Chris Wallace still has enough of his dad left in him to at least consider it. But anyone else? Hah, when pigs fly. (yes, that’s dismissive, and it’s kind of a dare).

It was a terrific interview, and I hope they do more. Personally I’d like to see a weekly edition, but of course there’s little chance of that happening.

Dull? Underwhelming? What show were those guys watching? See, now that’s dismissive. And that alone was worth the watching. Because we all do it, and the least we can do is own up to it.

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