TC:JD – savory one-pot QF, B/W EC

I keep seeing parallels between PR and TC:JD, particularly when it comes to Ivy and Heather. Both are highly trained Asian women who are not doing as well in the competition as they feel they should be (Heather is doing much better than Ivy ever did, it should be noted, landing in the top often whereas Ivy just grazed the top once) and both are down on a man who is “low class” or  “disrespectful of women” and is doing much better in the competition (i.e., Morgan and Michael C.).  Heather has not disintegrated to the kind of character assasination and viciousness that Ivy has embraced,(I wrote this early in the episode) but sticks mostly to disliking Morgan for his crude remarks. Which, well, I can’t argue with that, there’s something very creepy about him, but I might have found Michael creepy had I heard some of his remarks early on. I’m afraid Heather is the victim of some transferrence on my part. Except – aha, now she’s accused Morgan of sabotage, hiding her half-tray of something. If PR was still on Bravo, I’d think there was an effort to coordinate the two shows. I have to admit, the elbow to the mouth was pretty nasty, and I would’ve assumed it was an accident except for Morgan’s attitude, which was rotten. I have to come down on Heather’s side, but just barely.

The Dawn Hand Renewal with Olay Beauty Quickfire – now there’s a mouthful. Though she only said Dawn Hand Renewal, poor Olay, they get no respect. Reminds me of State & Maine where they had to find a way to fit in the name of a computer company in a quaint 19th century film. I’m not sure what dish soap with hand cream has to do with desserts, other than you have to wash dishes afterwards.

In the QF, Yigit took all the bacon and stuffed it under the counter so no one else could use it. That’s pretty sleazy. I’ve been on the fence about him, but he’s leaning towards the dark side at the moment.

QF was using savory ingredients in dessert – wow, these guys should do Chopped some time, and deal with hot dogs or grasshoppers. Though one-pot is a little weird.

I stick by what I said a couple of weeks ago on TWoP – this feels like the first season, amateur hour. Gail and Johnny are stiff and reciting their lines. They don’t know what to do when someone freaks out until someone tells them (to be fair, there have been an abnormal number of freakouts. I can just see thought bubbles over their heads when Seth started muttering “Weak Sauce Weak Sauce,” Gail thinks, “Boy, this never happens to Padma” and when whoozy is being praised for her great dessert and she interrupts the guest judge in order to quit, Johnny thinks, “Wow, Tom never had to deal with this kind of shit.”). And the blogger judge, she’s just coming across like an adolescent.

Oh, and Gail needs a better hairdresser. And I think she needs a conjugal visit – she was really harsh when dismissing Erica. I’m really sorry to see Erica go, she was nice, and normal. Maybe the most normal person there. It’s hard to root for any one person, since they’re all strange, but I think maybe Zac. Or Eric, now that he’s getting the hang of plating.

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