Introducing Lucy

I haven’t said anything about Lucy yet. Which is a Good Thing. She’s doing great. She’s the best she’s been since 5 years ago.

Back then, she suddenly stopped eating and laid on the floor all day looking sad and sick. My vet had sold her practice and the new kid on the block was not, to me, a cat person, he was a test person. Maybe he couldn’t get into medical school and he loved science so vet school was almost as good. Whereas Megan would know, almost intuitively, what was wrong, and ran a test or two to confirm it, he had no idea. Pancreatitis. Bowel obstruction. Thyroid tumor. In fact, she did have a thyroid tumor, but it was tiny and her thyroid levels were still in the normal range. After a couple hundred dollars in tests, he still didn’t know, and wanted to spend another couple hundred dollars on more tests. I couldn’t do it. It broke my heart, but I couldn’t go into debt on tests when I’d have to go into more debt for treatment and I’d still end up, most likely, with a dead cat. So after a couple of weeks, I made the appointment to have her put down right after Memorial Day. And that weekend, she started eating.

She didn’t get back to her normal self, really, but she wasn’t so sickly for about a year. Then she started vomitting meals. The vet(another one) found her thyroid was now hyperactive so we had to fool around with that for a while, and then there was bad tooth decay and calcification which required surgery that she couldn’t have because she weighed 6 pounds… it was very difficult there for a couple of years, but she came out of it, and last year at the time I got sick, she was still throwing up every day, but only in the morning and she was eating enough to keep her weight in the 7 pound range. They told me 8 pounds would be ideal, but for her age (now 14) she was doing ok.

Now she’s doing great. As long as I don’t put down large amounts of food in the morning, she keeps it down, bringing up a hairball once a week or so but that’s pretty much like a lot of cats. She feels chubby. I think she’s well over 8 pounds, but that’s probably delusion on my part. They told me a year ago she’d need her teeth cleaned again, but hopefully it won’t be the major thing like last time when she had to have 5 teeth removed.

Sally and I were talking about cats. She’s been catless for a year now, since Cleo died and the two guest cats went back to their mama. I told her she can borrow Lucy for a weekend any time she feels the need, and she laughed. She gets why I’m not getting another cat. Now would be the time, but I’m not up to it. I don’t feel like I can actually take proper care of Lucy if she gets sick again. With Callisto, Cassandra Bazoo, and Gilda, I did everything to keep them alive and happy as long as possible, but if Lucy gets sick again, it’s likely to be the last time since I can’t afford not only vet bills but trips to the vet (I’m unable to carry the carrier very far with my neck and arm problems) and the physical requirements of medications and cleaning up after her. I will do the teeth cleaning next month, assuming they recommend it. I will do my best to keep her on her thyroid meds. But if anything else goes wrong, I’m afraid that will be the end of my beautiful little baby Lucy. So I’m not going to take on another responsibility. It’s all I can do to take care of myself.

For now, she’s healthy (as healthy as a 15-year-old hyperthyroid can be) and happy, and I love her and enjoy her while she’s here with me.


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